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Mahatria Ra says, “The greatest wonder of life isn’t the similarities that each new born brings into this world, but the uniqueness it brings along with its birth. What it means is to realise that in the history of the world, there has been nobody like the one that has come, and there will be no one like this one. In His creation, there are not repetitions. With the birth of every child and his/her first crying, the world hears a voice never hear before-never in the history of the universe. So the first parental responsibility is to celebrate the uniqueness of the child.

We started this journey of baby care humbly in the month of March 2013 with a motive to cater to the needs of the parents in the Chennai’s fastest growing sub-urban, Tambaram Sanotrium. Like every parent we realized the cap between the need for quality products and availability of the same in the market. We ensured the best of the products available to the customers at affordable prices.

The overwhelming support from our beloved customers moved us to go for our 2nd outlet (spread over 1000 sq. ft.) in another fast growing Sub-urban of South Chennai, Guduvanchery.

We serve customers with best quality products at great prices. Our Sourcing has become our strength. We also specialize in all kind of toys and play time needs for kids. Our games varieties are quite popular among our beloved customers.

After successful two outlets we have realized that the there is thrust for the quality products at affordable price is a common phenomena. This has been confirmed by many day to day interactions by us with customers and parents.

The rise of the on-line shopping revolution motivated us to go for our shopping website www.kidsjunction.in which will provide a platform to serve to the needs of the customers even in remote areas.

As John Keats says “ A thing of beauty is joy forever “ the most joyful and beautiful experience in anyone’s life is to become parents. As parents we want best of everything for our children. Kidsjunction joins hands with you in the journey of joyful parenting. 

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