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Mee Mee's Squeezy Silicone Food Feeder

Mee Mee's Squeezy Silicone Food Feeder

Product Code: Mee Mee
Availability: In Stock

Mee Mee's Squeezy Silicone Food Feeder is an ideal aid for every baby making the transition of weaning. It is not just a spoon. It takes baby food, removes the jar and the mess, packs it into a single utensil and with one squeeze, you get easy one-handed feeding.

Quantity: 3oz/90ml

Helps baby wean off teats and start eating from spoon.
Made of 100% food grade, BPA free liquid silicone.
Bite-resistant spoon has smooth and rounded edges and easily fit into baby's mouth.
Designed to respond to pressure and helps mothers control the feeding.
Can be used for feeding juices, cereal, mashed rice, veggies and all kinds of semi-solids.
Baby gets directly fed from the spoon attached to the bottle which helps in mess-free feeding.
Comes with a protective cover for hygiene purposes.
Easy to use, sterilize and carry while travelling short and long distances.

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